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I am employed in a MNC and been working for 8 yrs with it. I never got a work which is upto my potential. I never got such opportunity. I went to Onsite (2 months) for getting trained on new project. But its been a more than a year now project has not kick started yet. Can you see my horoscope to advise if there are any obstructions in my career growth and if there are any remedies (mantra/puja) to overcome those. I desperately need your help. Eager to hear you.

Place: Belgaum (Karnataka)
Time: 7:15 AM
Date: 7 Nov 1982
sign- Cancer (pushya)

Thanking you in advance

Psychic reading!

I see that your Mars is in the 2nd house in your main birth chart in the flow and accumulation of money but in conjunct with Ketu indicating that you have the will and strength to make money and save it but this is not a priority on your list.

I see that you are isolated and separated from your family but respected by them is that right?

I see you are separated from your family were there disputes of some type, perhaps?

You are not really after money from your career but I see you have sufficient. In your last life you made the effort to gain money and plenty of it, too hence in this life you don't care for it as much. I see Rahu in your 8th suggesting that you don't care to be bothered to make your own money so much, and would rather live off resources from others like your husband perhaps. Your views don't seem to be taken on board at work as much as you would really like and sometimes you begin to wonder why. Probably because you are way in front of them in your thoughts and they will really only come to know what you meant when you've left there or no longer around the company.

Your a person that runs away from enemies and conflicts. Your like that dude that says leave me alone I like who I am and the way I am. As a matter of fact your a very peaceful person.

Ketu in this house is usually a karaka of a 2nd marriage. To overcome this Yog marry the same partner twice after all I will only take you five minutes to do this.

Your a person that enjoys knowing about black magic, the occult, tantric, remedies, etc am I right?

The Sun your soul is in your 12th telling me that you are somebody that wants to put your dreams into reality in your career particularly and your Atmakaraka is in this house in conjunct with the Sun indicating to me that you have a habit of looking back and reminiscing about what you had done in the past and was it right or wrong.

You need to realize that you are born in this life to rid this habit of looking back into your past and perfecting this weakness. Look only to your future and your dreams will automatically come true.

Psychically I see that the best career for you would be to be an analyst of some kind like of finance maybe being an analyst of other people's money.

You will be better off working in an isolated environment where you may simply sit back and analyze things.

You will most certainly do well in a career where you will observe things and give your opinion like a critic. You also like to criticize. No! no! no! this is not the way it's done it's done like this!

I've also just looked at your transit chart for the near future and noticed that your 12th house Rasi 7 has Saturn and Rahu presently in it. When Rahu moves into the 11th of wishes come true in March in 2014 you will definitely begin to see sudden changes in your career the way you are expecting things to go.


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