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Dear Mada,

When will i get a well paid job born at Belgaum time 11.40 A.M on 30/05/1978 ?

Presently your Rahu is in the 3rd house and in March 2014 will move to the 2nd house and look from there at your 10th of career and will help you to get either a better more high-flying job or a better post in your present place of work. Rahu will help you push to the top no matter what way it want's to take. It will even make you lie or deceive to get there but, actually that's rahu's motive to get to the top. And, ideally he loves to be in this house after March 2014. He will be there for approx. a year and a half so take all the chances you can to raise your position and status.

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