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If you can please read the horoscope of this baby. WE are not living in India at present and wanted to know more about her stars.some body  here on seeing the dob said that lagna lord in 12 th house is very bad . her details are--dob-12 aug 2013,time 06:31am,place-secunderabad.
Thank you so much

After a close look at her birth chart its true that her sun is in the 12th house. But, in her D9 Navamsa chart its in the 11th of money gains and the house of having her wishes come true. In the 2nd house of her birth chart I see her planet Venus debilitated and sitting in Mercury's house. I then looked to see the placement of Mercury and did not find it in a particularly exciting position so I then decided to look to see where Mercury was placed in her D9 chart and was very happy to see it placed in a Kendra house. This then told me that her debilitated weak Venus was in fact now strengthened and made a Neechbanga Raja Yoga in the 2nd house of money flow indicating that she will never ever have problems with earning and saving money in life.
In fact she is a lucky born daughter for you.

best of Luck!

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