When I will get married?
How my husband is going to be/look like? Will he be a good and successful man?
I am not in relationship and I didnt have long term relationship.
I dont have luck in love.

Date of birth 31 July 1983
time of birth 11:31 am
place of birth : Bar,Montenegro
lati/longi 42 n 05  19 e 05

time zone:
2 h east,  Daylight Saving Time

Your a blessed individual. I've seen many charts in my life but I have never to now seen such a beautiful chart as yours in terms of your 7th house of marriage. You don't have a single bad planet looking at your 7th. Quite extraordinary and what's more astonishing is that the lord of your 7th Saturn is exalted in the 3rd. This is the house of your relationship with your younger brothers and sisters and cousins and fellow workers and spouse is exuberant suggesting that relationships are better than good.

The best time for marriage is: Jun/19/2015 to Apr/19/2018 in your Venus Dasha.

As far as the looks go he will be very good-looking.

Best of Luck!

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