Hi Monika,

I wanted to know about my married life...a lot of ppl have predicted complications or troubled married life...I m often worried wen I think about it..! Also my parents have started asking me to think about my marriage n if they can search for a boy.

Could you please tell somethin about my marriage?

My date of birth : 08 April 1987
Place of birth: Bangalore
Time of birth: 18:17.56


I'm glad you came to me for my opinion as I don't like to see somebody dismayed like you. I see that you are a Virgo ascendant according to Lahiri. Out of your 1st and 7th house I see your 7th is stronger and is the house of your marriage. The creator in your horoscope is Venus which was marginally in front of your Sun in points score. Venus is in the 6th with Mercury. The signifactor of marriage in your horoscope happens to be Mars which appears to be aspected by Saturn and Ketu. There may be the possibility of a separation but not a divorce. Saturn will bestow you wealth and prosperity in your marriage.

although you did not ask I have calculated a very accurate period of marriage for you. This will be between the middle of next year and before April 2019.


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