Dear sir,
name of my brother is venktesh.V
dob 25 Aug 1985
place chennai,tamil nadu india

when will he get married,all the alliance are gettting closer but not ending in positive parents are so depressed so pls tell us..

hello Sangeeta,
Your brother was born in Moola 1st Pada.Unfortunately
this is branded as Gand Moola Nakshatra and immediately
negative attributes like povety,adverse effects to Father/father in
law is attributed which is not so.He is likely to make good money.
He is running the Dasha of Sun which gives him mixed results till
27-3-2017,including marriage.
He has a number of positive yogas like Sunapha Yoga,Vosi Yoga,Adhi Yoga
Raja yoga etc.The negative Doshas/yogas in his horoscope are:
1.Curse of Sukra[venus]from previous birth which can be remedied due to positive aspect
of Jupiter.
2.Pitru Dosha with Sun and 9th Lord afflicted.
I would suggest vedic remedies to remove the bad effects of Dosha so
that all the positive Yogas in his horoscope can start giving him fruits.
I would suggest following.
1.I would suggest 9 Fridays of Upvas Vratam from Sun rise
to Sunset living on milk and fruits on these 9 fridays.He needs to recite
Laksmi Astakkam.Let him download it from this link and repeat it
2. For Pitru Dosha,you need to take him to Kalahasti get Narayan Nagabali
puja done by a good priest there,as there are lot of money mongers there.
3. Let him recite the Aditya Hridayam Mantram every Sunday morning
for 9 Sundays download the same to his mobile.
The link is-
Once this is done he is in the clear.
Undernormal cicumstances the marriage would happen only
in his 31st running year.But once the Vedic remedies are performed
there is a much earlier marriage possible by next yearend.
All the best
Om sri sairam


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