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Dear Avam,
Regarding matching compatibility with a Vedic Guna scoring (including Varna guna, Vasya guna, Tara guna, Yoni guna, etc) where the total scoring is 36, and let's say I get a scoring of 27 with another person and individually my astrology says it is harmful for me to marry early and it is better to marry late. So my question is if marrying late (which is favorable to me than marrying early because of Mangalik Dosh) and wearing beneficial gems (like diamond or sapphire) will help to increase the scoring to higher than 27?

Hi Choo,
The matching is done as follows and weightage are also
indicated for your ready reference.
1.Study of individual Horoscopes[rashi+Navamsa]covering Health,Longivity,
Childbirth,mars Dosha,Curses,etc...Weightage 50%..Min score 25%
2. Astakuta/guna check [based on moons position] 30%Min score 15%
So 27/36 is approx 22.5% of total score of 100.You cant decide
just based on this score.
3.Interplanetory support and Synastry:20% Minimum score 10%
So you see individual Horoscope score is most important for study.

4.Manglik Dosha and exemptions are controversial and needs proper study
of Horoscope.

5.I am not very much in favour of Gems but rather increase of positive karma
by prayer and helping others like old people,poor people,children etc depending
on the Dosh present.You see the selection of proper flawless Gems of adequate
weight,in a proper setting on the relevant finger,on a relevant day,time,with correct prayers,
all makes a lot of difference on Gem remedy,besides it is costly too.In case it does not suit
you may need to discard it.So these are disadvantages and I dont generally recommend.My
personal opinion.

Hope I have clarified to you that concentrating only on Guna Milan may not be the right approach in compatability check as you are only checking with respect to the two moon positions.
All the best


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