QUESTION: Born 1983 December 7. I am interested in knowing about what career paths would be best for me.

ANSWER: Hi Crystal,

You were born during the year of the Water Pig, month of the Wood Rat and day of the Earth Snake.

Your strength is Water, which is associated with communications, writing, networking and scholarship. You could probably do well in any career that involves a lot of writing and research. Advertising and marketing might be good.

It's a little hard to tell much more since I don't know your time, and the rest of your elements don't tell me much without more to know. If your hour sign has some Fire element, I would also say teaching, counseling, sales or real estate, could be good.

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Thank you for your question.

p.s. If you can find out your hour of birth, please submit it in a follow up question, and I'll try to be more specific.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I found out my time of birth is 9:36 pm.


You were born during the hour of the Wood Pig. It adds more Water to your chart, so everything I said before is even strengthened. You do have some Fire in your hour sign, so teaching, counseling, sales or real estate are good as I thought they might.

Your hour sign is a Wood sign. This puts your creativity at high normal. So fiction writing is another possibility, as well as other pursuits that involve creativity, artist for example. Wood is also the element most closely associated with having a good heart. So healing arts/health care, working for a charitable or non profit organization could also be good. These also go well with your two, Pig signs. The Pig is noted for the likelihood of having a good heart. I think you'd be happy in a career where you could continually be doing good things for people.

That should give you a wide range of careers from which to chose. Hopefully I've hit on one that you've considered would be a way to follow your bliss.

Good luck, and thanks for showing confidence in me.


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