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Astrology/How do I change back? THANK YOU!! =)


QUESTION: I was born January 1st, 1979 at 12:34am PST. (crazy side note, the sequence 1234 appears ALOT in my life.)
I think I was born under lucky stars originally. Even when life was it's harshest, everything always came out smelling rosy for me. I won practically every contest and sweepstakes I entered, and I had enough confidence for a room full of people. I even found that in gambling situations, if I just let go of fear, and visualized success, I would walk out with pockets of cash.
When I had my son, I didn't know much about astrology, but strangely, everything worked out oddly serendipitous. His birth date is August 11th, 1999, 8:26am PST. The name I gave him means Lucky in another language, and in some European countries, was given to males of noble birth. I believe strongly in the power of a word, of a name. And he, like me, seemed to have a lucky influence on the world around him.
But something changed. I don't know what and I can't really point when, but it seems like all the luck and prosperity we enjoyed DIED. All of the ambition to push forward, now replaced with fear and procrastination. Not only in me, but in him too. I'm sure to a n extent when I'm feeling impacts him, so he's probably taking on whatever is going on with me. I know there are different stages in life, but I don't know what stage I'm in nor what I should do to shake this funk.
If you could please let me know about my stage and what I should do to regain my balance.
Thank you very much!!


Normally I don't do this, but I am going to send you a complete reading with a chart. If you look at your chart, you will see several unlucky stars in your current decade of life. This is a one time occurrence. It should pass in the next couple of years and your life return to normal.

I'm going to give you the whole report because I don't want you to think I'm just telling this to make you happy. I tell it like it is. And I'm saying it will get better for you - sooner rather than later.

Enjoy your reading. You can get it at this link. Just copy and paste to your browser.

All I ask is if you like it, please tell your friends about it and my son's web site,

Good luck to you.

p.s. I would also appreciate it if you would "like" onlinechineseastrology on Facebook.

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QUESTION: Wow, thank you so much! That is so much more than I could ever hope for! Some of it I was confused about, but that's what reading your site for more information on understanding Chinese Astrology is all about! Truth be told, I never realized how in depth Chinese Astrology can be! I always thought it was basically "you're born a wood horse" and that was it.
There were 2 things that your report mention, not specific to the report itself, but more about Chinese Astrology, that I don't get. While talking about the Palaces, it said that they are read Counterclockwise for women and Clockwise for men; Does that affect the reading itself? For instance, I'm a woman, if the reading was done "clockwise"/male, would it invalidate it for me/a woman?
And the other thing is about the years and ages- I understand that Chinese New Year is in February. So when it says "for age XYZ" does it mean from the day you turn that age, or from the Chinese New Year while you're that age? (IE: If your 35th birthday was on January 20th, and your 35th year was supposed to be great, would that great year start on January 20th or February 10th?)
Chinese astrology is amazing and so complicated! Thank you for everything and I will definitely recommend your services to everyone I meet! I also liked you on Facebook, is it ok if I post part of my reading on my Facebook with a link to your page?
Thanks again!!

Hi Joey,

Thank you for your kind words and feedback.

Not surprised you didn't understand it all. I threw you into the deep water. A Purple Star chart is the most complicated thing in Chinese Astrology. But, I wanted you to see those stars. The only thing you need to know for sure is this is a really unlucky decade for you - it will pass!

The computer takes care of clockwise/counterclockwise. You don't need to worry about it as the Palaces are clearly marked. I'm sure I ordered a reading for a female.

Very good point about age. Your 35th year starts on your birthday, not Chinese New Year.

And thank you for your support. If you sign up for the mailing list at you will occasionally get free info about Chinese Astrology. You can also check my blog at the web site.

By the way, if you would like to learn more, I highly recommend Theodora Lau's Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes and Susan Levitt's Taoist Astrology.

Hope to "see" you around Facebook. Feel free to request me for a Facebook friend.


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