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Astrology/Compatibilty pretty please :)


Hi! Blessings on you and thanks for your commitment to doing this service. When we give of our light and gifts, others can receive this energy and thus use it towards theirs! The Circle of Energy!

I am female. I was born 4/24/1966 at 11:30 EST in Dearborn, Michigan (USA).
I would like to know my match.
I found one that was I was pulled to like a magnet for over 20 years but the timing was always off! He was born May 3, 1962 in Germany at unknown time.  

I know I only have one free question. I guess I'm wondering if there was anything I could haveen in our charts that would have predicted in would be impossible despite our wanting it to work.

Thank you so much! Namaste!

Hi Jessica,

You were born during the year of the Fire Horse and he the year of the Water Tiger. From a Chinese Astrology perspective this match has a 72% favorable rating, which is excellent. No surprise you are attracted to each other.

Well you do have two issues here. First, Tiger is one of your very best matches, but Fire and Water are unlucky together in Chinese Astrology. Second, your sign is Horse. Ladies with this sign are the most likely to have the kind of problem you present. You see it's the male sign. The Horse lady often has lots of men friends, may even enjoy their company more than hanging out with lady friends. But, they often have trouble maintaining a long term relationship with just one man.

I can't honestly say there is anything in your charts that would predict this match being impossible. I just ran a chart to look at your indicators for family happiness. They're low normal, which is ok. But I see two more things. Your hour sign is also Horse, intensifying the effect I described earlier. And, your month sign is Ox. The Ox lady is the lady most likely to choose the wrong guy.

Actually your chart sets you up to have some fatal attractions. For example, Dog is a great match for Horse, but it clashes badly with your Dragon month sign. Sheep is another great match, but it clashes badly with your Ox day sign. And, Tiger is another great match, but it clashes badly with your Ox and Dragon signs. So all your by the book, best matches lead to fatal attraction.

Your best match may be someone born in the year of the Dragon, two years older and second best, Rooster, three years younger than you. Neither is great, but to be honest I don't see a perfect match for you.

If you would like to learn more about relationships, I highly recommend Shelly Wu's Chinese Sexual Astrology and Susan Levitt's Taoist Astrology. Also, please visit my web site, If you would like a detailed analysis of this match, you can order one at the site for a modest charge. And, if you like the web site, please "like" it on Facebook and tell your friends about it.

Thank you for your question.


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