Guruji, birth time 9:40 PM,Jan4th,1979, birth location: Burdwan, West Bengal. Someone has told me that I am running under maha shukra dasa....should wear a ruby and a then I can get a job soon. Please let me know when can I get a job?

Dear indrani dey

According to my point of view  ruby is good due to lagnesh  and  you can wear emerald  only for few time  not for long time coz  mercury is a lord of 11 and 2 house  not good  in your chart  .

and as i can see you are in venus mahadasa and your  job time is running now  

i have  good news for you  .

you have 7 raj yoga  in your charts .indicate you are high achiever and  2 viprit raj yoga indicate  stress and  success after the pressure .  dont worry  you will get positive result  but after the pressure .

as i can see one bad  yoga  for financial purpose indicate poverty  its (daridra yoga) you should keep shri yantra (pran pratisthit) read  lakshmi strotra written by aadi guru shankarachrya   and prform the puja of lors  shiva parvati .

i am sure  :) you will get very positive result soon   .

anything else  you may ask  .


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