sir i have been newly married since 4 months,I want to know what are the chances of attaining pregnency if i plan for it .          my details:dob:7th may1986 , place of birth:New Delhi,tob:17:10  my husband's details:dob:2nd june 1980,pob:New Delhi,tob:8:20 (morning)  please reply.

Hello Viji,
You were born in Aswini 3rd Pad.You are running the dasa of Sun
till 2-8-2015.When Dasa of Sun is in progress the Muhurth time fixed
is very important for marriage as otherwise it creates problems
/unhappiness in married life.
Your total Dosha content also called as Dosha Samaya is comparatively higher
as compared to your Husband.Hence Dosha nivaran puja is important.
The Doshas in your Horoscope are birth in Chaturdashi which needs remedy.There
is sarpa Dosha,Grahana Dosha Besides Badhaka Lord Sun in 7th house aspected by
Rahu is also to be remedied.
You have a number of positive Yogas in your Horoscope.So unless you take steps
to remedy the negative ones,positive happenings are delayed including Child birth.
Please avoid any form of friction with your Hubby.
In case you are interested in remedies,do send me a direct mail.
My e-mail ID is
All that is required is 30 minutes of your time everyday.
You need to recite some specific Mantras I prescribe.
Dont worry,this is absolutely free service.
Cheer up,dont worry,have faith in God,you will be fine.
God bless
Om sri sai ram


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