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My name is Waseem Ahmad. My DOB is 21st Feb 1973, 10:19 AM.I was born in Lahore city, Pakistan and still live here. I want to know about influences on five stages of life.

Hi Waseem,

You have managed to ask many questions in one, a complete answer running to many pages. What I can do for you is look at your chart and tell you two or three of the most important things I see. Then, if you have a specific question, you can come back to me with a follow up question.

The big thing I see is you have no Metal in your chart. That means the period of your life ruled by that element was probably one where your chi (energy/life force) was low. This was the time of your formal education, when you attended school.

Those years were probably challenging for you. You may have felt you had to study harder than your peers to get the same results. There is also usually a big impact on marriage. Generally early marriage is not recommended. There could be problems, and it might end badly. So for you marrying closer to age 30 than age 20 would be better.

And since you started off on your career coming out of a low chi period, your early years on the job may also have been challenging. The good news is your chi level should be high normal for the rest of your life. This means you should have the energy/life force you need to be successful.

For you Wealth is associated with the element Wood. This tells me you are not materialistic, especially with no Metal in your chart. It's things like love, family and beauty that will bring you happiness, not money.

Thank you for your question.


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