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Astrology/problems in marriage


sir i am very depressed facing a lot of problems in my married lifei need your u see any solution to my problems..we are seperated at present.

dob-26 may 1959
time-0350 am

wifes details
dob-16 june 1961
place mumbai
time 0210 am

Sunil ji

i am at this time On Vacation  but as i can see your  problem  i am return and reply .

as i can see your chart   match making score is good both are mangali but i can t see happiness in your life  if karak of marriage is in  8th from the 8th house indicate problem in  happiness  lord of  8th is in 4th  create problem in  famile life  also navamansha chart indicate  this type of problems .

and also you are under guru mahadasha and  mangal anter dasha  indicate lot of tension and evil effects  .

Remedy -

Read shiv sahastra naam strotra  everyday .perform shiv puja  rudra abhshek  

and keep gristh sukha shanti yantra  in your home .

after then  you will get magical  effect  .




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