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QUESTION: brother is recently married, do u see 2 marriage yoga? How wil b sun bhukti (comming) 9 april 1982, 3.15am supaul saharsa bihar chitra nak,thank u very much

ANSWER: Kindly clarify on place of birth or share cordinates.

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QUESTION: Sir long is 86e36 , lat is 26n7

ANSWER: Dear Nikki,

As per the coordinates provided, he is cancer ascendant with prevailing jupiter mahadasa and  mars bhukti. My analysis will be based on this data only.Next bhukti will be of rahu and not sun. He has a vargottam lagna and he has got recently married i.e. before 25th feb 2013 during his ascendant and also navamsa lord moon's bhukti.Now coming to the point, his kalatra karak is very ill placed and also saturn, his lord of 7th navamsa is placed in trik bhava.

I am afraid his marriage is not working well and might end up in a seperation. Rest all depends on all mighty and our own efforts. There is a yoga of remarriage.

Rgds and god bless you.


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QUESTION: Thank u very much sir but he is having aquarius lagan and his 7th lord is sun placed in 2nd house with debilitated mercury which is lord of 5th and 8th dun is also in nak of mercury his detail is 9 april 1982. 3.15 am midnight of 8th supaul saharsa long 86e36 lat is 26n7,,, sir I know that u r giving ur precious time to our chart if u don't mind pleez see once again he have aquarious lagan,, sorry for misunderstanding

Placement of 7th lord in 2nd house is facing severe affliction from functional malefic mars. Lagna lord also placed in trik bhav in D1 but is placed in vikramamsa making it a failrly suppotive planet. The lord of the 9th house venus and also a great friend to saturn is well placed in d1 as well as D9, making him the best supporting planet. Nothing to worry...he has a long and happy married life. He will get a good elevation in his career in sun bhukti, there is no threat to married life.

Rgds and god bless you,



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