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Respected Sir,

In K.p Astrology, 5th and 9th house or sub lord or 5th and 9th lord is known to be a good houses and even Lagna sub lord connected to 5th and 9th house or sub lord of 5th & 9th house or link to 5th cuspal sub lord or 9th cuspal sub lord, native enjoy good life or good health as 5th and 9th house is good house to the matter of general life in K.p. But when native pass through dasha period connected sub lord 5th/9th cusp or planet strong signifactor of 5th/9th as  5th is 12th from 6th and 9th is 12th from 10 which give lose to Job and profession, which give problem in native life then how can 5th house and 9th hosue can be good for native which make native lose job earning money and create problem in life?

Hello  this  is  becoz  5th  house is  8th  to  10th  &  12th  to  6th  job , 9th  house is  12th  is  12  th  to  10th  & 8th  to  2nd  house , as  purpose  of  job is  to  acqure  money . Please  note  that  houses  2  6  10  are for  material  prosperity   so  houses  8th/ 12th  to  these  houses are  5  & 9 so  any  planet signifying 2 6 or 10  along  with  5 & 9  houses  job change or  loss in  job  gets place . thanks .  


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