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Astrology/Too many planets in 12th house


QUESTION: can you please answer my query regarding my love life;it hasnt been good uptill now...i have had a heartbreak though i didnt date the person

lord of 7th house jupiter is in 12th house,along with sun ,mars,venus and mercury.

my dob is 22/08/1991
time:09:28 am

Could you please tell me when will i meet the right guy and how will our bond/marriage be?Also whether it would be a love or arranged marriage??

ANSWER: Dear Jamie,

The 12 house has been made a victim of criticism since ages which it does not deserve. It is the mildest of three trik bhavas and is the door to your moksha and bed pleasures. Moreover, you have a very well placed sun there as the lord so dont worry. Multiple planets never denote something negative to happen. Sun, mars and jupier are having a gala time together in your 12th house leo. The concern is retrogation of your lagna lord mercury and its placement there with arch enemy mars and jupiter. You can wear a emrald of 3 ct in small finger on wednesday to strengthen it as it is combust also.

Dont worry, things will be perfectly fine between march 2013 to august 2018 during jupiter AD and you will be married also in the same period. It will be surely a love marriage.

Rgds and may god bless you,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you very very much for your reply sir,i just had a follow up question,12 th house is least negative,but sir what is the impact of this retrogate mercury with mars n jupiter

Could you please tell me what will the nature of the guy be as in will he be social and fun...and how will our bond be because love marriage is fine but it shouldnt be with the wrong person or lead to unhappy married life...i am very cautious about these things so i thought of asking

Dear Jamie,

The retrogration of planets make them shed off their karak tatwa or basic significance leading to less impact of the planet as expected. Therefore a retrograde and combust lagna lord mercury makes you fickle minded and a confused soul. you always need a backing for your descisions. Your bond with the guy will be good but the fact is he will be little different of what you are, but as they say, opposite poles attract. You are a jolly and fun loving person, but he will be little serious and much more mature, desciplined and organized than you.

Rgds and may god bless you,



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