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 I want to know about my daughter's health and education. She is under weight n has eye sight problem, please let me know will she have improvemnent for her health. Is the placement in her birth chart of saturn, mercury and mars in 9th house bad, what are d results of this placement? someone had told me it is bad for health n finance, is it so?
Also would like to know about her education will she study and go abroad and what is she likely to do as a career?
DOB- 02.07.2006; Time- 16:46; Thane city.
Thank you.

Ninth house is 5th from fifth as per bhavat bhavam concept as per bhrigu shastra.Placement of 3rd and 4ht lord saturn,lagnesh mars and 8th lord mercury here plus placement of supreme malefic rahu in 5th house+ placement of sun in her 8th house truly indicate her poor health. Her shishtamsa chart also confirms her weak constitution and poor eyesight. Dont worry, there are tough but sure solutions to every problem. You need to follow these remedies if you trust me and you have to confirm the progress to me every month at I am sure she does not take her meals properly.

1. You have to complete durga saptashati comprising all adhaye every month.

2. Visit vaishanv devi temple asap and request maa durga to forgive you for you purva janam sins.

3.Wear a trikona moonga( red coral ) in your ring finger in chitra nakshatra reciting " om mangalaye namah" 108 times on tuesday at the time of sunrise

4. Visit shani temple every saturday and offer oil to lord shani with parikrama of the idol 3 times continuously reciting "om sham shanischaraye namah".

5. Recite hanuman chalisa every day after bath.

6. Soak black gram( udad) 1kg in bucket full of water on saturday morning and feed it to a black cow on the same day evening.

7. Wear a black horse shoe ring in your left hand middle finger on saturday.

I do not appreciate people contacting me on my personal mail id, but i have shared it with you because you can keep me updated regarding your daughters health.

Rgds and may god bless you and the little angel,

May mahadev bless us all,



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