QUESTION: hello sir
sir dis girl recently got breakup (3yrs relation) parents r searching groom for her last 4 yrs but not getting success she is rejected by every boy even her boy friend also reject her and married somewhere else
parents r getting worried   sometimes she also depressed and feeling lonely
plz tell us the truth is she destined for marriage or not?
her detsil
16 aug 1981
6:25 am
80e06 long
27n23 lat

plz tell us truth what is in her destiny ? is she destined to live alone?

me snd my family members will b very thankfull to u
waiting for ur reply

ANSWER: Dear Dimple,

As per data given, Lagna lord is strongly connected to 5 and very closed affliction of Sun and Jupiter Dasha in a very strong degree afflicting your Saturn which is lord of your marriage and saturn too closely to 12 house so many proposal relation, love affair could not be materialized.  Rahu is supporting to 11th lord which is fulfillment of desire and aspected by Saturn lord of 2,11, and Rahu is also affecting 7th house and 1st house and it will amplify the result when it will be activated. So Hold your decision Until end of your next year, she will get married in Nov-2014 and her next love will happend after Aug-13 and changes of love marrige is also strong.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank u very much sir for giving ur precious time to this chart
May god bless u and full ur life with happiness
U give us hope for girl
Also u answrred those questions which I didn't ask u, thanks for that also

But sir one more confusion is here ,u told that her lagad lord  is strongly connected with 5th house but her lagan lord placed in 12th house and u told rahu supporting 11th house but her rahu is placed in 12th house

May b u took wrong data, this is my little knowledge about her chart, if u don't mind see her chart again as per our knowledge her lagan lord and rahu placed in 12th house

So please see her chart once again
Thank u very much for ur patience

In general calculatino you are right, but deeply and depth reading, Every Plent no matter in particular house for example in 10 thouse can also be linked to 3rd because Every Plant is transiting in the orbite and each orbite another planet is transiting behind to other planet so when a benefical planet come close to the planet, that planet also hold the responsible to give the result of the house. For example Sun in birth chart placed in 8th house in Taurus Sign in 20 degree,  and Venus in 3rd house in Sagitarius 16th degree. While orbite of 8th house is finished at 12 degree and orbite of 3rd house is start from 14th degree so Sun is weak placed in Taurus sign in late degree of 20 while Venus in sign of Sagitarius is strong and also in 15 degree is also strong so Stronly planet is also affect near 5th degree range when the other planet is weak, So Venus is also supportin to house matter of 8th house more than a Sun.

Why many prediction come out wrong despite dasha of signifactor planet is running for example lord of 7th house Mahadasha and lord of 2nd house antardasha and lord of 11th house subusb dasha, despite of this period, native go not get marreid because no astrology read deeplyl without money and I also do not reed deeply but this is the last time i have answered you.

after that

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