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sir some astrologers has told that my kundli is not powerful its kind of week , is it true. sir i am facing many problems in my education, job, family and every thing i want to do. sir i would like to know my good time will ever come? i am going through worst phase.
my dob is 10may1989, tob is 07:22am, pob is rajkot(gujarat).

Hello Kosha,
It is not true that you have a week Kundali.Every chart
has certain good and certian bad points based on ones Karma.
You were born in Punarvasu Nakshatra.You are running
your Dasa of Sani or Saturn.Sani is badhaka Lord badly aspected by Mars and hence
you may feel obstructions to your good work .Sani Dasa is till october 2016.This period you need to be careful.I want you to pray to Hanumanji.
You have good Yogas in your Horoscope
like Malviya Yoga,Vesi Yoga,Raja Yoga,Vipareetha Raja Yoga etc.
This shows you have the potential for good things in your life.
Yes,there are some adverse placement too like your 9th Lord
of luck placed in adverse position in 8th which tends to make you unlucky
at times.There is a combination which tends to pull you towards
spiritualism.Sun the Lord of 4th is in Marana Karaka Sthana.
But again your Venus,Sukra is strong.You have good combination
of benefics in your lagna which protects you against all
So dont worry.Learn to face the obstacles.In addition to Hanumanji[Hanuman
Chalisa]I would suggest you pray to Great Goddess MahaLakshmi[Lakshmi Astakkam].
These prayers are to be recited for 108 days with lots of devotion,commencing from
next Friday.
You will soon find things are improving.Dont worry,I see you making good money at the end of the day.
God bless
Om sri sai ram


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