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Astrology/Which is for me emralds, white sapphire, blue sapphire


DOB: 23/01/1980 Time 11:21 PM, Place- Mandla (Madhya Pradesh)
Sir Should i wear Blue Sapphire? if i wear if will it creat trouble for wife, work place, increase disease.

Lord sani is vakri in my horoscope at degree 3:12:06, As sani is placed at sixth position in lagna at kanya rashi, looking at house of life partner also at 12th  house where moon is placed, 3rd house of career/ work place and 8th house of courage and small sister/ brothers, also having dristi at 9th house of mother.

Please don't confuse yourself in astrology today. Emerald is vital to wear for your business if u are self-employed and if working as employed then emerald will be lucky for you at work. White sapphire in your chart will be good for your 11th house of wealth. It's a lucky stone for you to wear. as far as house 6 of diseases and employed work goes the blue saphire may also be worn, only because your Saturn is in retrograde to the Sun. Also, never ever wear a moonstone and stones for Rahu and Ketu. Please also try and wear the yellow pukraj to overshadow Rahu and Ketu upon your Sun and tohelp your house 10.
Hope I helped!
P.S.have you by any chance lost your mother. Avoid the MOONSTONE.....DANGER


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