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Hello Bill,

I was born February 8, 1966 an Aquarian fire horse. I've been in an on-again/off-again relationship with an Aquarius water dog born February 5, 1983 for almost 6 years. We have an undying chemistry and seem to be unable to be apart from each other for long but also unable to work things out on a daily basis. We have a lot in common and his gentle, patient manner sets a balance to my firy, impatient nature but still we seem to be getting into conflicts that  keep braking us up. I love him very much and care about him a lot. But I feel like the whole weight of this relationship, all action, all decisions, rests on my shoulders.

I wonder if you would be so kind in giving me some expert feedback?
With much gratitude.

Hi Dani,

You were born during the Year of the Fire Horse, month of the Metal Tiger and day of the Earth Dog. He was born during the Year of the Water Dog, month of the Water Ox and day of the Wood Rat.

First let me say it's easy to understand the attraction. Theoretically Dog sign is a perfect match for the Horse. There are probably lots of great things in this relationship.

Unfortunately there is a lot more to evaluating a relationship, that is, the Four Pillars of year, month, day and time of birth. We know three of yours. I have analyzed your charts and conclude this relationship actually has a 44% favorable rating, which is below average.

Two major problems. First, his month and year signs are no good for your Horse, year sign. In fact his Rat, day sign is the worst. There'll always be conflicts of interest and misunderstandings. His Ox month sign is going to make him resist you (stubborn) and slow you down (plodding style). Second, your element mix is unfavorable. The biggest issue is with the Water and Fire. Water controls (your) Fire. He has four Water to your two Fire. Earth controls Water. You have two Earth to his four Water. So, he can control you, but you can't control him from an element perspective.

This relationship can work and bring you the happiness you seek, but it will require a lot of effort and compromise from both of you on a continuing basis if it is to last. To be honest, it's probably more a heaven one day and hell the next day type of match rather than one made in heaven.

With three signs from the Tiger, Horse, Dog compatibility group, you should definitely partner with either a Tiger or a Dog sign. Unfortunately, this Dog may not be the right one.

If you would like to learn more about relationships, I highly recommend Shelly Wu's Chinese Sexual Astrology and Susan Levitt's Taoist Astrology. Also, please visit my web site, If you would like a detailed analysis of this match, you can order one at the site for a modest charge. And, if you like the web site, please "like" it on Facebook and tell your friends about it.

Thank you for your question.

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