Dear Sir,

I have been told many astrologer many differen thing, most of then told me that i have a good future in abroad and i will there in June-12. Then they told me i will go in Dec-12, i was in job but it was not a good job and i got offered a job in May-13 in my native place karachi and I joined but still i am not very strong financially and my marriage is pendugin due to this. but one astrologer told me that i should have rejected this offer and i will go dubai in Jun-13 and i will get married after Jan-13 and i will get huge success wealth and prospertiy.

Pls tell me what should i do, i am feared of Rahu,  Rahu is dangerious and it throw in lonely and poverty.


I have studied your chart for a while today. Here's what I found. As far as the date of marriage goes you can marry now. The time is quite auspicious and financially you are ready, you may not think so but you are good to go as far as making a nice home with your wife. This is because your Mars in house 4 which will help this to be a sccessful move. Rahu is showing you that you the big things of life almost all the time throughout life. After 35 and by 39 you will change jobs and have a huge increase in your income. If you are able to wait to marry then please wait, but not essential, things will still be a-ok.

please let me know your you feel this is true?


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