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DOB: 23/01/1980 Time 11:21 PM, Place- Mandla (Madhya Pradesh)
Sir Should i wear Blue Sapphire? if i wear if will it creat trouble for wife, work place, increase disease.

Lord sani is vakri in my horoscope at degree 3:12:06, As sani is placed at sixth position in lagna at kanya rashi, looking at house of life partner also at 12th  house where moon is placed, 3rd house of career/ work place and 8th house of courage and small sister/ brothers, also having dristi at 9th house of mother.

I am not sure why blue saphire has been prescribed for you.
You are running your Sun Dasa.Saturn is not a functional benific too for you.
So please recheck.
It is definitely not favourable in marriage affairs.
I for one do not prescribe any gem stones as even if recommeded must
have minimum weight,setting must be proper,worn on correct finger at
right time after uttering Mantras,and purification,besides it is costly too.
I would prefer simple vedic mantras,good deeds.
If you have already purchsed and wearing it,see if results are OK,
otherwise you can remove it.
Take care,God bless


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