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Hello Mr. Hajdu,

I have recently become very interested in the Chinese zodiac, specifically the different signs for Year, Month, Day and Hour. However I am having trouble finding information on the Elements of each of these signs.

My birth date is September 24th, 1989 at 5.40am

From the very basic research I have done I know I am the year sign Snake which has the fixed element of Fire and was born in the year of the Earth Snake. Also, I was born at 5am New Zealand time which places me in the Rabbit sign but am unsure whether I am meant to convert this to Beijing time which I think would place me under Ox. I have had trouble determining whether local time or Beijing time is to be used for the hour animal.

My question is how do you determine the element for the Month Day and Hour?
Or if this is knowledge you do not easily divulge then I would really appreciate being told the animals and elements from my birth details as I am fascinated by this practice and find it much more endearing than the Western zodiac I am accustomed to. I have scoured the internet for as much information as I can on the nature of people born in Snake years but know that there is much more to a person than just their year sign.

Thank you for your time, your expertise is much appreciated.

Hi Dylan,

You were born during the year of the Earth Snake, month of the Water Rooster, day of the Fire Pig and hour of the Water Rabbit.

Fortunately or unfortunately Chinese Astrology has been around for a long time. The result has been the adoption of different styles and procedures. This is especially true of calculating the Four Pillars from given birth data. Purists say you have to convert to Beijing time. I've always used local time. My reason is simply that's worked for me (an engineer's approach).

This book is available from Amazon, cheap/used:

It will teach you how to calculate the Four Pillars.

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Thank you for your question.


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