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Pranam guruji

I had been facing a lot of problems in my married life from many years.  I have seperated for the past two years from my husband but not legally divorced. Do you see any future with my husband?? or I should stay alone like this only  My dob-16 june 1961,place-mumbai, time-02:10 am.

Please help..

Hello Revati,
You were born in Punarvasu Nakshatra,and presently running your
Dasa of Venus[Sukra]
There are indications in your chart of an unhappy marriage,
lack of physical contact,tendency to reject the spouse,your father in law
was not very much in favour of this marriage.
At same time Jupiters position in Lagna Chart aspecting the 7th house of marriage,
and 2nd House from Upapada Lagna shows that
you may not be very averse to reunion with him.
The present transit of Saturn and Rahu on your 8th house of Mangalya Sthana
and Jupiter in 12th house from moon ,it is not favourable transit period
in fact till next year September.
But before I conclude whether it is worth reunion,or go in for divorce,
I need to analyse his birth chart Vis-a-vis yours.Any Children?
You can always write to me at
Let me know if you beleive in power of sincere prayer or mantra.
All the best
Om sri sai ram


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