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Please tell me Dristhi of Sani Plant at 3.5 degree in my horoscope as it is situated in lagna in virgo rashi and it is vakri. as it is having 3rd, 7th, & 10th dristi. so being vakri it will look 3,7 10 house from lagna it self of i will count my leo sign or i should count from pisecs as first house i m confused

Hi Mahasagar,
Vakri planets is rather confusing with different points of view
in Nadi and Parshara Astrology.I consider the aspects of
Vakra Saturn placed in Virgo on 3,7,10 from its sign and also
on the sign previous i.e Leo.I dont consider other aspects from
its previous sign like the 3,7,10 as this would mean you are actually
covering the entire chart.
In transits however I consider all the 6 houses of its aspect from its
transitting house and its previous House,according to KN Rao and Maharshi Brighu.
No,Pisces sign is not the place from which counting is done.
Hope it is clear


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