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QUESTION: hello,
i wanted to know when will i get my love and what will his nature be ?my romantic life has beenvery miserable uptill now, somehow there is always a problem in between due to which i have never got success in love and relationships,they break even before they can start.

my dob is :22/08/1991
time:09:28 am

ANSWER: Hi Jasmine,
Venus your planet of love is in 12th house badly aspected,
conjunct with the Badhaka or Obstructor Lord Jupiter.
The 11th Lord of friendship is conjunct Rahu.Mrs-Venus
conjunct in 12th all point to problems in love materialising.
You do have a good married life ahead and you should not
worry,and make any wrong moves.
In fact you have a good love cum marriage transit happening
around August 2015,while you are running your 25 year.Till then
God prevents you from getting entagled with a wrong guy with whom
you may not get along in the long run.
So dont worry,because everything happens for good.
You will travel abroad too with your Hubby.
Cheer up,good times ahead.Have faith in God.
Take care,God bless

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for the response.You have definately eased by anxiousness.
Could you please just answer one more query:jupiter is the karka and 7th lord for in my chart and is placed in 12th house leo so what sort of a nature will the person have?

Also are there good chances of me having an inter-caste marriage?


Your spouse is likely to be energetic,adventurous,passionate,
expresses emotions outwardly,good leadership qualities.You will
know him before marriage.So cheer positive...dont hurry
as I told you before.
All the best,take care,God bless


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