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Hello Sir,

My name is Babita ,dob: 31st march 1978,time:8:30 am,place : Ambarnath,maharastra.

Going through a very phase in life.Can'nt handle anymore.please guide me and let me know what my horoscope says and what simple remedies can I do.Also sir I don't live in India,so simple remedies only..please guide  what dasha am I running and will in future everything become alright.

thank you so much.

Warm regards.


Pt Ameesh Sharma
Pt Ameesh Sharma  
Dear Ms Babita

After deeply analyzing your horoscope and all important divisional charts, I found that you was born in Aries ascendant and ascendant lord Mars is debilitated in the 4th house. But ascendant is occupied by Mercury and Venus. Due to placement of Mercury and Venus in the ascendant you are good looking, beautiful and an intelligent girl. You should not think foolish like suicide in your life.

I found that your 7th lord Venus is placed in the LAGAN and 7th house is aspected by Saturn and Mars. You are Manligk also. this combination indicates some problem in marital life.

Second the 5th house which is the house of love and children is occupied by Saturn and 5th lord in 12th house. This combination indicate problem in love life and child birth.

Placement of Rahu in the 6th house is the cause of health problem and conspiracy in life.  You are in the main period of Moon and sub period of Ketu. Ketu is placed in the 12th house. From 15 May 2013 to 14th December 2013 is the tough time for you.

This period indicates depression. health problem, financial crises. lack of physical satisfaction and conspiracy.

But you should not worry on 14th December 2014 your Venus sub period will start then you will find solution of your all problems and will enjoy your harmonious life.

So you should leave the silly things like suicide keep confidence in your self.

I am suggesting some remedies these would be helpful for you.

1. Recite mantra " Om Namha Shivye " 11 mala daily
2. Recite Ketu manta " Om ketuae namaha " 28000 in 40 days

If you have any other problem you can share with me i will try to help you according to astrology.

If you need any help you can ask freely. Think positive and be happy. God will help you.

Goddess Mahalaxmi help you


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