QUESTION: goodmorning sir

I am married for four years now in a joint family. Me and my husband  are of late having lot of problems in our relationship. This may sound familiar ...but he only listens to his mother and acts only on her advice.the whole house is controled by her...I am left all alone in the family. I am disturbed PL guide and help me.
dob--18 oct 1982,place-goa, time 0040 am.
his dob 27 dec 1981,place secunderabad,time--1:30 PM

ANSWER: Hi Sapna,
You were born in Swati Nakshatr, Tula Rashi[libra] and presently running
The Dasha of Saturn till 3-3-2-31.This dasha can give mixed results bad and good though
More on the negative side.Saturn is the most potent malefic in your chart but subdued by
Jupiter which is conjunct it.So you will come out of the problems as Jupiter
in a quadrant is good.
Coming to your character,you could be emotional person ,very helpful,kind,but who will not accept even a slight curtailment of your freedom.Such curtailment could give you
Some tendencies of becoming adamant in such sitations.
You are carrying some Karmic bondage from your earlier life because of the presence of
all planets lying between Rahu-Ketu called Kala Amrita yoga,which adds on to your attitudes cited earlier.You could turn towards spiritualism as you age.This has to be remedied by regular worship to Ganeshji.
Now coming to your married life and mother in law problem.
The compatability score with your Hubby as per Asta Kuta is above average.
However your Horoscope does indicate Mother in law problem.Mother in law
Position is quite strong,and knowing your independent nature,it does give friction.
After July 2014 there could be some temperory relief but only to be back after December 2014.
The remedy lies in worship of Goddess Mahalakshmi by recital of Maha Lakshmi
Astakkam[download from You tube link-
Start from this Friday and do it for 9 Fridays without fail.On last Friday visit a Maha Lakshm temple.
You need to do simple daily meditation listening to the Tirupathy Balaji chanting
OM NAMO NARAYANA daily for 10 minutes in night before you sleep.The you tube link is-
It will help you overcome all problems created by Sani Maharaj.
You have a good life ahead.Please pray to God sincerely and stop
Retorting to Mother in law or your Husband,as the period is bad,but not impossible
to overcome.
Things will gradually improve with prayers.So cheer up.
Om sri sai ram

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QUESTION: Thanks a lot sir. one more question. I am blessed with a daughter few months back after a very very tough pregnancy.I was hospitalised most of the time. Do I have another child in my horoscope ? and will this pregnancy be equally tough ?? as my family wants this.

Yes,you do have one more child from your Horoscope.But I would
suggest you must wait till November before you venture on this.
The chances of second being a Girl are more probable.You will
not have so much complications as in the first.
Please do your remedies.It helps.
God bless
Om sri sai ram


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