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Dear Master,

I am at my last phase of Rahu MD. The last few years have been extreme with set back and disappointments. Sade Sati was also a large contributor I was and still and to some extent so hopeless that I contemplated suicide many times.

Now according to my birthchart I am entertering Guru MD soon and it seems like I have Hamsa yoga too. However, being a Gemini descendant, is this not a very bad combination?

I am very scared because I don't think I can handle another 16 years of hell.

I would be happy to just be able to get married and live like ordinary people.

If you could please give me some advanced warning I would be grateful.

dob: March 28, 1972
time: 11:55 am UTC +7:00
place: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
longitude: 106E40'00
latitude: 10N45,00


mars (bhukthi) is 5th from Rahu, who is in 8th. rahu in 8th is good. but mars 5th from rahu is not good. so the problems in rahu-mars period.
Also for simha-moon sign, saturn in sade-sathi is very bad, because saturn is the black-step-son of sun(bright), so saturn hates sun to the core, so he hits badly simha-moon-sign persons, in sade-sathe.

guru as 10th and 7th lord in 7th, has kendrathipathiya dosha, in this time, you would think too much than your real worth (over-confident), which will lead to problems.

You will get married in this guru dasha. Guru is in venus-star who is in 11th, so profits accrue from job or business.

You will get married between Jan 2014 to Jan 2015



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