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I got married 6 months back to joint family where my husband lives with his two elder brothers and mother. Me and my husband facing lot of problems in our relationship; my two co-sisters and his mother wantedly creating problems; they showed me 6 yugas in 6 months.    but my husband only listens to his mother and acts only on her advice. Iam disturbed. please guide me.

DOB: 21-12-1982;  2:10AM, female Hyderabad
husband's DOB: 16-06-1979, 2:45AM male Hyderabad

thanks in advance

ANSWER: Hi there,
There is likely to be jealousy by your in laws family
against you.You should have obviously foreseen this before
marriage.There is likely to be unhappy marriage unless you undertake
remedies and live seperately.
The present transits till november are also not favourable for your married life.

It is not clear if you are from muslim or Hindu based on which remedy can
be undertaken.The date of marriage is also important.
More after the details are known.

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QUESTION: hi sir,
   what u said is obviously correct that there is some much jealousy on me in my laws family; this is one of the reason that was creating problems in my married life. please tell me when I will lead a happy married life; or suggest me some remedies; iam an hindu.

date of marriage: 30-08-2013 at 6:35PM
DOB:21-12-1982, 2:10AM, female, Hyderabad
my husband's DOB: 16-06-1979, 2:45AM, male, Hyderabad

thanks in advance

You need to be careful till november this year.
I would suggest you observe 9 Thursdays of Upvas vrat
living on Milk and fruits from Sun rise to Sun Set.
You need to worship Tirupathy Balaji by reciting-OM NAMO NARAYANA
108 times daily from the first day of your Upvas vrat.
Please include Shirdi Baba in your prayers.
Listen to link-
Dont lose your temper,be good to everyone.Once the 9 Thursday
of Upvas Vrat is over,you will be better.
Have faith in God.He will help you cross all the problems.
Om sri sai ram


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