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Astrology/my life is falling apart.


My birthday is on 5th July 1988 at 16:45pm, Riga , Latvia
His Birthday is on 6th August 1984 11:15am, Riga, Latvia

Dear Psychic,
I do not know what to do. I am  a young single woman, i am 25, i am very hard-working and studying part time as well. Last year in May i broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years and since then everything seems to be a nightmare. First of all , when i went on holidays to Greece with my girl-friend of 7 years , we had a massive fight, when she scratched my face, and i still have scars. Second thing happened when my flatmates , backstabbed me and told my Landlord that they cannot live with me in the house. Thankfully my landlord understood that it was a bad gesture and has made them to move out. One of the flatmates was good friend of mine.
I am drinking alcohol sometimes, but it is not like it is ruining everyones lifes, i drink on the nights out and at home sometimes when i feel stressed. Sometimes i cannot remember what i did.
The third thing what has happened shortly afterwards is that i met this man, i knew him before. He is a friend of my best friend. We spent some nice evenings together when he was in the country i live in ( he came for a visit for 1 week ).
For me it seemed to be so good, just one day before he left i did not even heard goodbuy from him. Then i went back home to my country and he invited me over to his place. He lives in the big house outside the city, its in the forest. I thought we are going to be doing things together, but first evening he left me alone for 4 hours ( he went for training), second evening happened the same ( he went for 5 hours, i was alone in the house) our communication was poor as i was not feeling comfortable. In the evening i cooked some dinner and we had some wine, i ve got drunk  and probably told him many things. I do not know. I ve woke up alone and he was downstairs, then he came back and everything seemed to be okay again. Then the last night he went away again for 6 hours, i could not cope anymore. My friend has organized someone to pick me up from the house. I didnt hear from him since. I dont understand what is happening to me... I am so lost and sad, i need a guidance. Please

I am not a Pyschic.
Sorry I disappointed you.

From your vedic horoscope, 7th lord (relationship with opposite sex) is mars and in 6th with moon, so disappointments will be routine. Also in 3rd house, saturn is retrograde, so friends will also betray you.
dragon-head (rahu) is in 5th, who will spoil your name.
your 1st lord ( personality) venus is in 8th which is a bad house. So you lose your character.

So keep away from relations, and build your character. Wear a yellow-saffire in gold ring


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