QUESTION: Hello sir,
I would like to ask a question regarding my married life. I recently got married to a guy I liked and we have been having a lot of quarrels in our first year of marriage, so much that sometimes I think this was a big mistake as we have quite different mental, emotional compatibilities. Can you please tell me if my marriage will improve or is it always to be like this. Although I am quite a traditional girl and don't believe in divorce, do you see this in my chart. I am just really worried about what my martial life.
I would also like to wish you a very happy new year 2014. Thank you for your insight here and may God bless your family and you.
My dob is 19/11/1982 time 16:35 Mumbai India
And my husband 30/6/1978, time 17.30 , place Goa India
Thank you

ANSWER: Dear Gayle,

Broadly speaking , there are complex issues in both the charts because of peculiar planets placement.

In your chart 8 out of 9 planets are concentrated in 7th ( Saturn, Jupiter), 8th ( Sun, Mercury, Venus) and in 9th (Moon, Mars and Ketu) houses . Particularly , there is strong association of 7th house of marriage with 8th bad house of sudden developments. Saturn -Jupiter together in 7th house will give you oscillating prospects for marriage ( from good to bad and then bad to good ) .

Not much is going to change with another marriage also, so it is better to try adjusting with each other as there will be continuous frequent spells of good and bad periods in your life , because of concentration of 8 planets in 3 houses.

There may be some relief after Moon period is over in May 2015 and  Mars period starts.

The plus point is that in both cases , Mars is ascendant lord and therefore treating each other with equal respect ( like brother / sister affinity) could be the key to happiness. Also , if you are not working / earning , you should start it as that will release the excess energy in a positive way.

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Thanks, Goodluck and Happy new year 2014,

Y C Shukla     

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi mrs Shukla,
Thank you for providing me with a very detailed answer as to all the planets affecting my chart. I really appreciate it and yes I agree with many of the things you said. I just have a little follow up question regarding the previous question in that do you see divorce or separation in my chart for me in the future, either way the answer will give me the strength to try my best to work towards the marriage. Also what is it that you mean we are the same mars ascendant, does it mean we are the same vedic sign with similar traits, I have to adopt some new strategies in tackling situations so it would help if I knew what that means
Thank you so much for your insight. I remember now I had purchased a reading from you from another site( bejan daruwalla) quite a few years back when I was not married inquiring about my marriage then as there were a few delays taking place...  and now I am married and it seems I have found you again, although I didn't realise it till this morning.

Dear Gayle,

First of all , I am not Mrs. Shukla , I am Mr. Shukla and my photograph is available on my profile, which you would have seen while submitting the question. And I never did readings on website before 2013.  

I wrote that things will not change much even after remarriage and that did include the possibility of separation , if you both did not adjust.

You both have Aries and Scorpio as ascendant ( Lagna) and both these signs are owned by Mars. Mars is signified for brotherhood , fighting capabilities and a strong sense of revengefulness and retaliation. So you both have that Martian spirit.

When two Martian category persons marry , there are only 2 options , either they respect each other and get united , like brothers or fight it to finish like in sibling rivalry.

In most of the regularly fighting / quarrelling couples , I have found this Martian factor and I suggested such couples to give the same respect / trust which exists between an elder brother and younger one , rather than considering one subordinate to other. And in many cases , where advice was accepted , the peace prevailed.

Therefore, it is up to you now, to take appropriate decision.

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Thanks, Goodluck and Happy new year 2014,

Y C Shukla  


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