Hello Sir,

I am in love with a boy. We deeply understand each-other and see each other as a perfect life partner. We are wee-educated and well-settled in our respective careers. We told our parents about our feelings and made them meet also. But some issues are arising.

My parents got our horoscopes matched and following doshas are there:
1. Nadi dosh
2. Gann dosh
Our gun milan is also 11 out of 36.

But when we meet, we never feel that there is no gun milan because our ideology, way of looking at and perceiving things is exactly similar. We sometimes do not need words, we just know and understand what the other person wants to say.

But as our horoscopes are not matching, my parents are totally against this alliance. Things have gone worst.

According to our pandit, due to nadi dosha, we wont have any kid. Even if I conceive, the baby would be abnormal. Next, due to my in-laws pressure, he will re-marry to have a child. His second wife would take over everyone and I will be left alone with my abnormal child. No one would be there with me.

We are just in the shock state. Not sure whether this is true or not, but parents have totally rejected this alliance. Do not know what to do now. How to convince parents. I want to marry with my parents' consent and want to marry him only. Please help.

Following are our details:

1. Ishmeet Kaur, 13-11-1988, 11:58 pm, Faridabad, Haryana.
2. Sumit Sharma, 04-07-1987, 11:55 pm, Yamunanagar, Haryana.


Yes match score is quite insufficient and there are Gana Dosha and Nadi Dosha. Consult any local astrologer  who could suggest remedies of these doshas. Remember, there  is a concept of Preet Milan. In case of true love, Kundli matching is avoided. God bless.

Anil(Jyotish Shiromani)


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