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QUESTION: How you see my spiritual life progressing in the upcoming years?

ANSWER: Birth details ?

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QUESTION: Sorry..16 august 1984, 00:40 AM, Lucknow

Varuna  1 3 5 7 9 11  houses are for intellectual & spritual developments . 1st 5th & 9th houses are main houses &  3 7  & 11  houses are supplement houses for spiritual developments .
your lagns sub lord is shukra is placed in shukra naxtra & chandra sub .No planet is  placed in naxtra of chandra ,chandra is in 11th house placed in shani naxtra placed in 6th sub of chandra is guru placed in 8th house & shani guru & ketu all are  connected to lagna & chandra .
Please note that spritual & material developments are in opposite direction to each other so presence of bad yogas  in  birth chart for materialistic developments  are also  an indications
for spiritual developments .
 you are running shukra dasha so this tendency of spiritual practice will be more pronounced in this dasha  but un -stability will be there thanks .


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