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Astrology/How valid is charity?


Dear AVAM,

What I am about to ask you would really sound very stupid but I am just not clear in this.
What are the benefits to oneself in doing charity?
How can we know that a better life is due to past charities?
Is it really assured that the charity we give to others will be returned back to us favorably?

I was born a person with charitable and compassionate heart but after going thru life of 30+, I slowly figured charity and compassion are not as valid as I born to believe. And yet many people advise doing charity will change life but I have so little to give that I am very scared and worried if I give away what I have and get nothing back, I will have nothing left and nobody will help me when I am in need of help and I will be worse than now. So I just want to know what benefits to myself if I do charity and how can I be sure the benefits of charity can be quantified and valid so that it will really be worth doing it.

The whole of Vedic Astrology is based on the Law of Karma,you
do good,you get good in return,As you Sow,so you reap Principle.
To increase positive Karma,BE GOOD,DO GOOD.HELP EVER,HURT NEVER.
FOLLOW THE PATH OF RIGHTOUSNESS.Never expect the fruits of an Action,
and do it unselfishingly.You dont give away everything in Charity
but say 10% of it is towards Charity.
But if you are doing Charity to get something in return selfishly
the charity goes waste.
Have faith in the Great Lord.Love everyone.
You will see positive happenings in life.
God bless


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