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 My D.O.B 16-2-1963;3-15P.M;KAKINADA.A.P INDIA.I remained single.
what are the defects in my chart regarding marriage and family there any change in future regarding this aspect./or not.please clarify

Rani ,as per kp astrology if lagn & 7th sub lord is same planet( here is ketu ) in  rashi of shani , sun star , budh sub ,as ketu is a shadow planet so will results of its sign lord &  star lord in which shani is placed  , same way  ketu will give results of sun & star lord of sun .
If 1st/7th  same sub lord is connected to 5  7 11 houses along with
  4  - 12th to 5th  absence of pleasure of married life
  6 -   12th to  7th  denotes adverse results of married life or negation of married life
  10 -  12th to  11th  denotes absence of permanent company with life partner
  12 - 12th to lagna  denotes absence  or negation of good results enjoyed by the native
       himself .
 In short  1st/7th sub lord  ketu is  strongly connected by his sign /constellation/sub lord  to 4 6 10 12 house along with 5 7 11 houses - so denotes either absence of married life or absence of pleasure from marriage .
after your birth you have passed after attending  age of nearly 24 years , you  passed shani, budh , ketu dashas- were  unfavourable for marriage & at present running shukra dasha from 26/01 /2010 to 26/01/2030 .let us see shukra . shukra in own star & no other planet is placed in star of shukra so sukra is very STRONG . sukra is 12 lord & placed in 6th ( bhav chart ) shkra is sub  lord of 4th 10th house so not favorable for marriage  see also sub lord of sukra is  rahu  which is again  giving same indications. Next point is  various bhukties running in sukra dasha , Dash lord is commander to decide the event - if  some life event is not permitted by dasha lord , bhukti lords can not go against the decisions of dasha lord  to execute the event thanks .Sorry to write truth clearly  as per kp .  


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