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This is my sister's birthdata

we are getting  rejection and rejection every proposal comes to us. At first it seems like going in a right way but after some time we get no answer from Boy's side. Notably citing she is in moola nakshatra.
is there any marriage chance near future? if yes how would it be. We family are in deep stress.

d-o-b:19-01-1985, time:6:10AM, meerut, female.

Dear Raj,
Your sister is born in Moola Nakshatr.
She is running the dasa of her most malefic planet Moon
in her chart and this moon is in conjuct with her Mercury
the 7th Lord of marriage,while her Jupiter is aspected by Saturn.
All this contributes for delay.In order to overcome the negative
effect of the planetory placements,I would suggest 9 saturdays of Upvas vrat
living on milk and fruits from Sunrise to Sun set on 9 saturdays.
She should worship Lord Krishna by simple prayer-OM NAMO BHAGAVATHEY
VASUDEVAAYA 108 times daily commencing from coming Monday for next 108 days.
Under normal circumstances marriage may get delayed upto July/August 2015.
But sincere prayers to the Lord as above helps.
God bless
Om sri sai ram


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