respected sir
16 aug 1981
6.30 am
bilgram village  near shahjahanpur

sir I m just wondering will my spouse have rich living standard or lower than me


Dear Nazia,

Sorry Nazia , the place feeding in my software was already for some foreign country in a previous question and it did not change , so the ascendant calculation was wrong by 2-3 hours.

You are right , it is Leo ascendant with Dhanistha nakshatra.  

A high living standard finally depends upon ascendant, its lord and its association with Venus and some times Sun also. Venus is a natural expenditure related planet and expenditure is a factor in maintaining rich living standard. But without resources , Venus becomes helpless and Sun helps in getting good resources like government association , post etc.

In your case , though Sun is ascendant lord , it has gone into 12th house of loss or foreign places and it is at last degrees in Cancer with its enemy Rahu also placed there. This way person can have rich living standard away from birthplace , by association with govt. posts,  in alien territories with different language and culture, otherwise it will remain of average quality ( Mercury in ascendant helping somewhat ) .

The 7th lord for spouse and 8th lord for spouse'house are Saturn and Jupiter, who are placed together in second house with Venus. This shows again a mixed situation. While Jupiter and Venus are good , Saturn is always for lower standards of living.

This way , situation is slightly better in spouse's standard of living , assuming person is not  living far away from birth place. But one should also understand that standard of living keeps on changing with Dasha changes.

Please do not forget to rate the answer as any follow up or future questions on this chart , will not be taken up, in absence of rating of this question.

Thanks & Goodluck ,

Y C Shukla  


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