QUESTION: Dear sir,
I had got married about a year ago but the marriage so far has been a very difficult one. My husband always seems never appreciative and even though I am a good wife most of the time, there is always so e accusation or other with him. There are just so many problems with our relationship, earlier it was to do with his family interference, but now it's every little thing. The problem now is I am expecting my first child as well so I cannot do much but stay since my family will be very upset. I knew we were from different backgrounds when we got married, but it is proving very hard- since my husband just cannot handle spending any money even with buying essential things for the new coming child.
Please can you tell me if you see this marriage lasting, or is there going to be a divorce for us in future. I would really like to know so I can prepare and be prepared also
My dob is 19/11/1982, place mumbai- India, time - 16.35 pm
My husband- 30/06/1978, place, Goa-India, time 5:00 am
Very much looking forward to you answer. Please let me know

ANSWER: Hello Renee,
It is a case of mismatch in marriage.As per traditional
system of checking compatability by Asta Kuta, it is found that
nadi dosha and Rajju Dosha exists.The totatal dosh content in your case
is slightly higher than his.In such cases we recommend Vedic remedies
to be done before marriage.Remember the Abhisekh Bachan and Aishwarya Rai
case of mismatch on nadi?
I find you to be emotional person sensitive.There could have been secret
adversaries to your marriage.You are born in Visti Karana which also needs some
On the whole it tends to turn out to an unhappy marriage.
Now comes the God given free will part which needs to come into play.
When we know that odds are against us, we need to take corrective action
in our approach to marriage, our emotions,try sorting out differences
and try having positive approach in matter.Now that you are carrying the Child,
my personal advise to try to correct your emotional weakness, and so also he needs
to shower more love on you.You both need to sort out the matter on priority.
Please let me know if you believe in vedic remedies,like upvas vrat[Friday fasting]
recital of specific manras by both to reinforce the holy marriage bond.
You can write to me frankly at:
Cheer up.Be positive.Lets sort out with Lord's blessings.
Om sri sai ram

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QUESTION: Dear sir,
Thank you so much for your answer. I am a bit disappointed to hear it  is going to be an unhappy marriage as this year itself has been so bad, it makes me scared to think what lies ahead. I will email you on your email for remedies, please also can you tell  me what you meant by secret adversaries, does it involve another woman or anything like that.
Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.

Hi Reneeji,
By secret adversaries I mean, they are your secret enemies, or rather
no very favourably disposed towards you as you go along in life,like for
instance your father in law.In coarse of time, he may slowly tend to turn
against you.So better watch out .
You see your Hubby has what is known as KalaSarpa Dosha and birth in Vishti karna in his Horoscope which also need to be remedied as otherwise it will block good things
happening in his life.
You have to be positive in life.You need to overcome the negative forces
because it is based on Law of Karma.So dont lose Heart.We must use Astrology
positively to overcome problems in life.Not get discouraged by it.
Stop worrying.Your hubby has relationship problems.The only way you can overcome is by
Love.I would be happy to advise him also provided he has faith.
Cheer up.God bless.
Om sri sai ram


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