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Dear Sir,
My dob details are- 30th april 1979, place- jodhpur and time 7.30pm (approx- its between 7.25-7.35pm)
I have been in a relationship with a man for past 06 years. We also got engaged and started living in  together. But then some disputes came up and we separated but were still on talking terms. I tried to reconcile and finally in October last year we decided to marry. However with in 3-4 days some mis-communication happened and he called off the marriage again. Since then we have been meeting off and on but he says he cant get married to me. His family does not like me much and he says he has issues with my family.
He is a divorcee and I have stood by him through his all problems and issues. He has lost his job 8 months back and is trying to start a business. Few days back I came to know that he is dating another girl.
I want to know if this relationship is over or there are chances that we can be together again and get married. I am very hurt, feel cheated. I have lost all trust in God and prayers, in love and in men.
His dob details are- 28th July 1977,time- 12.25pm, place- kanpur

Please help me Sir. I am a very religious person and for last 2-3 years I have prayed v hard to get him but now I have stooped praying as I have lost my faith in God.Thank you

Hello Dipti.
You were born in Mrigasheera Nakshatra and you are presently undergoing Saturn Dasha.Your chart shows obstructions to love marriage and Ketu sitting in the House of Romance creating problems.
The overall dasha of saturn is definitely not bad.I would like to recheck with Hora Astrology if your love wil finally materialise into happy marriage or not.Can ypoou think of God and tell me the first number between 1 to 249 which ever comes first to your mind.You can always get me on up.Dont give up your prayers.I would like to prescribe some remedies including Mantra recital after hearing from you.
Om sri sai ram


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