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Astrology/strong and weak times in my life


QUESTION: Respected Sir
Pl tell me the strong and weak times in my life based on my below birth details:

Name :          RAJA KUMAR,         Gender : Male

Birth Date :      12/3/1960 ,         Time : 4:0
City :          Chittoor, Andhra,         Longitude : 79.07E, Latitude : 13.11N

Nakshatra (Star) :  Magha,         (Ascendant) Lagna : Capricorn (Makara)

Rashi (Moon Sign):    (Leo) Simha,     Gana : Rakshasa,

With Highiest Regards


Your strongest time of life is Maturation. That's the time after you finish formal education up to the time your well established and begin to enjoy peak earnings. There's a good chance you did well in the beginning of your career as well as establishing a family. Unfortunately that's followed by your weakest time, Mid-life, the time of peak earnings. If you speculate/take risks with your money, you could lose during that time. Also, it's possible your career plateaus, and you don't advance much any more after about age 45-50. Your chi (energy level/life force returns to normal level in your Retirement years.

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QUESTION: Respected Sir

That means after 50th year My strongest times starts .
Thats is now I am 54 so my good time has started. Is this right sir

With Hieghtest Regards


I'm sorry, but you have it turned around. Maturation is your strongest time. That's the period from the time you finish formal education until the time you are well established in your career. The years are different for everyone. It's roughly from about age 22-45. The next period is Mid-life, from about age 45-65 (65 being a normal year to begin the next stage, retirement). Your age falls within the mid-life period. It is a time of low-normal chi (energy/life force). So, it's a relatively good time, but not as strong as the last period. When your chi is in the normal range, it roughly means you have to work as hard as everyone else to achieve your goals.

Life will not appear to be extremely easy or difficult. Though, since your last period was so strong, these days you might be thinking life is getting harder/was not as easy as it was before. And it probably isn't. I wish I could give you better news, but that's what your chart says.

Thank you for your question.


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