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QUESTION: ": Name: kamal sareen
dob : 19/5/1982
time: 11:58am
plce: faridabad ( haryana)

girl details

Name:suneeti chaudhary
dob: 29/12/1980
time: 5:15 am
plce: sonipat ( haryana)

As u said that there is divorce in my kundli. pls update when i will get divorce from this girl....pls help me when i can marry seconds girl ( radhika nangia as i shared details with you earlier..i mean to say whether we can marry each other or not )"

pls help me out need for answer

ANSWER: Hello Sareen Sab,
You will be fully divorced around March 2016.
Yes there is a second marriage in your Horoscope.
I am afraid marriage with Suneeti ji may not be
happy one,though physical attraction between the two is strong
and I would suggest that you both discuss all your strengths
and weakness before getting into this second relationship.
More as a caution.
all the best
Om sri sai ram

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thank you so much sir for ur answer

Second girl i am talking about of radhika nangia

Name: kamal sareen
dob : 19/5/1982
time: 11:58am
plce: faridabad ( haryana)

girl details

Name:radhika nangia
dob: 18/8/1980
time: 18:44 pm
plce: new delhi

pls tell me whether we will get marry to each other or not and by when as her parents are behind her to marry as soon as possbile but she want to marry me only but for her parents happiness she is sacrificing our relationship.

pls help us

I told you that your Horoscope does not
match well with Radhika Mangia and you both
are likely to have clashes now and then...
So I suggested that you both discuss all your
likes dislikes,strengths weakness to ensure that
there will be no clashes.It looks like she is attracted
to you physically.For overall compatability
your thinking, your approach etc should also match
to avoid frequent clashes.
Hope I have made clear.Dont hurry.Think,discuss.
God bless
Om sri sai ram


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