QUESTION: Hi! I am hemakshi from india. Born 18.3.89,saturday at 10:45 am in ranchi(jharkhand). I have been struggling at my job for the last couple of years. I work for a database company. However i am not quite appreciated at my workplace and have not got any good work to do. Can you please advice if i can quit my job and prepare for higher studies or should I wait for the scenario to improve at my work. I am really tired of my job scenario. Thank you.

ANSWER: Dear Hemakshi,

I do not think that quitting and going for higher studies will do any good. Venus is weak in your chart and it is current Mahadasha lord till 2031.

A better alternative would be to apply for new job and leave this job after getting a new job. The Saturn change in November 2014 will help you find a new job or the present employer may also give you a new responsibility.

So, wait some more months before taking any action.


Y C Shukla

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Will I continue to face such problems throughout my career?

Dear Hemakshi,

Dasha effect is a permanent effect during dasha period . So Venus being at end of Rashi and placed in 10th house of profession with Rahu , things will remain  are experiencing  from its start in 2011 and will be so till 2031, until you make behavioural changes in your attitude .

Saturn Transit effect run simultaneously with Dasha effect , so you may get relief from that effect soon in November 2014.


Y C Shukla


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