QUESTION: Namaste sir,
I want to know about my marriage. First of all will it be love marriage or arranged?  Is there any change of intercast marriage?  And please tell me something about her looks and appearance.
all these I am asking because I love a girl and want to know will I be able to marry her?
DOB : 18/08/1991
TOB : 12:20 PM

ANSWER: Your birth chart does not indicate  love marriage  & marriage will take place in 2016 .

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QUESTION: Sir I was unable to ask a follow up question due to heavy trafic.actually I am feeling very disheartened with your answer.I have a little curiosity about  astrology.and with the very little knowledge I have, i see there is 5th and 7 th lord conjunction (<10) in D1 and mars venus conjunction D9 there is mars venus opposition too.and 7th & 9th lord are mutually aspecting.which i've heard a combination for love marriage.
And in kp 5th house sub lord rahu is signifying why are you sayings there is not any combination for love marriage?please if you can explain in brief.

It is a very good question i appreciate you .  True  rahu is sub lord of 5th & 11th house . rahu represents guru sign lord & shukra star lord .these both planets are ketu star which is placed in 8th house  in sign of budh. this bodh is sub lord your lagna /7th , 6th & 10th house . thus budha signifies  6 & 10 th house more. you see that 6th is 12th to 7th house (house of marriage )& 10th house is 12th to 11th house ( house fullfilment of desire ) .Ketu is placed in shani sub
Now go to rahu again it is placed in shani sub  whose is sub lord of 4th ( 12th  to 5th ) & 12th house  12th to lagna  this rahu /ketu is also connected  to 4 , 12 houses by sub lords therefore i wrote you  love marriage is not possible  thanks .   .


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