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"Dob-24sept 1988 ,female
Hello sir/mam,
When will i get married
exactly .want to know about my
future husband's nature, character and how will my
married life be...
Hope to get ur reply soon..
With regards

Hello Jyothiji,
You were born in Satabisha Nakshatra ,Aquarius[Kumbha] Rashi.
You were born in Scorpio Lagna[lagna Gandantha] and you have Jupiter
A benefic sitting in 7th taking care of Lagna house[health,personality],11th house of Gains,Fulfillment of desires, and third House[Siblings].Your upapada Lagna representing
Your spouse is in Earthly sign of Capricorin.
The presence of Jupiter in 7th house pulls you towards conventional marriage with
Nice Values attached to marriage.The marriage partner could come from some form of correspondence,internet,etc.It would make you more fortunate after marriage.
Hubby would be learned person,kind hearted.But the only problem with Jupiter
Being in 7th is your over expectation from Hubby,and elevating him to unrealistic level,
And thereby feel disappointed.You are cautious in your selection of spouse but at times
Tend to be inflexible.Just watch these tendencies.During later years your hubby will
Tend to put on weight.
Being in Earthly sign,he will have a practical materialistic approach,a bit slower approach,though Reliable,responsible.
You will need nearly 8 to 10 months to adjust after marriage.So better get your
Horoscopes matched by experienced Astrologer.Do interact with the selected person
and then conclude.I am asking you to exert some caution based on your Navamsa chart.Yes some delay in marriage could be expected but it is for your good.
Once you take care of above you will have no problems in married life.Next
Is proper selection ofMuhurtha
Watch out for maintaining good relationship with a sister-in-law type of figure
in family.
The likely period of marriage could be around December 2015/Jan 2016.
Recital of Katyayani Maha mantr and ( Saturdays Upvas vrat with worship
Of Tirupathy Balaji can help expediting the marriage.
All the best,God bless
Om sri sai ram


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