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Astrology/differences with my mother


I live with my mama and mami since birth, my biological parents gave me to them and I call them maa papa. Recently my biological parents (whom i call mummy daddy) wanted me back...but i honestly consider my maa papa  as my parents and so i declined my biological parents proposals as it is my duty to be loyal towards my maa papa as they have nurtured me . my maa papa are undergoing lot of financial and many other kinds of problem so i didn't go to my biological parent's place even for the vacation since last two yrs. But my maa (my mami actually) though she loves me but never understands me, she has always caused me emotional trauma ...she insults me and rebukes me very often...She knows i love her too much and so whatever she speaks leaves me shattered..i tried to communicate very politely to her when she is calm but she doesn't care even a percent if i cry or sleep empty stomach..once she insulted me and i slept empty stomach for 1 week still she didn't approach me to talk politely to me (i was in my 12th grade then). she is big hearted for others but never understands my emotions. she thinks she gives lot of independence but she doesn't even give me right to worship my way. i wanted to die coz i felt none of my parents love me but i know it is wrong to suicide so i didn't and i didnt wanted to bring bad name to her. kindly tell me where am i going wrong.

my dob 24 feb 1989, place patna, time 2.10am
my maa's dob 26 may 1962, place kanpur, 4.10 pm


You are a nice young man and a very bright future is waiting for you. I think you should concentrate on your career issue only. Things will be normal in due course of time. If possible wear energized Shani Yantra locket. Consult a good psychologist.  God bless.

Anil(Jyotish Shiromani)


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