QUESTION: Hello Sir,

My boyfriend and I are very much in love with each other. But our families do not approve of our marriage telling that our horoscopes do not match.Kindly tell us if we will get married to each other . And also please let us know if we will face any kind of problems in our married life. Our birth details are as below :

Boy :
DOB: 15.09.1991
Time : 9.25am
Rasi :Vritshaka
Nakshatra :Kettai

Girl :
DOB :10.05.1992
Time :9.35am
Rasi :Simham
Nakshatra :Magham

Thanks in advance.

ANSWER: You have not given the details of birth place.The Asta kuta score between the two
Nakshtram is high,though there is Rajju problem.I see more problems
in his case than yours.If you believe in pariharam,write to me the birth place
all the best
Om sri sai ram

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Both of us were born in Chennai. Can you explain to us what will be the effect of this rajju problem. And also i remember reading in some online portals that 'Magham' is one of the few stars to have a rajju exception.Could that help in our case.Ans also please let us know about the pariharam.


ANSWER: I have rechecked.There should be no problem of compatability including Rajju.
But I do see obstruction in marriage in both the charts.
To overcome the problem I would suggest recital of Swayamvara
Parvathi mantra available on you tube.
All the best

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you sir. Can you please explain how the Rajju problem is being nullified.My parents are inquiring about this.And also when is it likely for us to get married.

1.Your Astha Kuta score is high at 34/36.
2.There is no sevvai Dosham as it comes under exemption
3.Regarding Rajju dosham,Jyetha and Magham fall under the
least Rajju category called Pada Rajju.Normally Siro Rajju and Kanta Rajju
is considered bad.The effect of Pada Rajju is that the the boy and girl may have
frequent change of place and hence unnecessary expenditure.Nothing very adverse though.
3.The Lords of the two Rashis are Sun and Mars.They are mutual friends
hence the Rajju Dosham is not serious.
4. The two nakshatras are categorised in different orders.Jyestha is
categorised under descending order,while Magham is considered under Ascending order.
When such is the case,the effect of Rajju Dosham gets mitigated.
I dont go by the theory that Magham does not carry Rajju Dosham as claimed
by some Astrologers as it is not validated.
5.Marriage is likely around April /June 2016.
But remember sincere prayers are the best form of remedies for all
problems.Just watch out in his case there could be more hurdles to marriage
than in your case.So your love has to be really strong.
All the best
Om sri sai ram


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