Dear Sir,
I got married on 6 feb 2014.I found that my husband and his family have lied us many things about them.And my husband is also not caring for me and concerned for money only.Now I am living in my mother's home.I want to know whether I will be able to live happy life with him or should I go for separation.And want to know about my husbandís character (whether he is truthful to me).
My DOB: 07 jan 1989
Time: 5:45pm
Place: Bhadravathi (shimoga,Karnataka)

My husband details:
My DOB: 19 sep 1985
Time: 10:30am
Place: palayamkottai,tamil nadu

Please help me.
Thank you

Namaste Aishu,
You were born in Purvashada Nakshatra and he was born in Vishaka
Nakshatra.You are running your Dasha of Moon.
Every one is born with some good and bad Karmas carried forward
from previous life.The bad Karmas need purifying by prayers,doing good
being good.This helps minimising and overcoming the Bad karmas.
Especially when two people are getting married.The individual Horoscopes
need to be cleansed up before Marriage muhurtha.
Yes,yours is a Karmic marriage.In fact both of you carry heavy burden from your
previous lives.He has a strong curse of sukra or venus representing a lady
from his previous life.This needs remedying before marriage.
Now in your Horoscope,you were born on an Amavasya day.No problem
but needs remedying to avoid problems for instance in the Moon dasha.
Both Horoscope shows unhappy marriage.Yes,he has inclination for more
sexual pleasures.But still he will love his wife,child. He needs to be
corrected with lots of love from you and understanding.
Your Horoscope shows strong inclination to reject him,while his
does show possibility of dualmarriage.Both have punarphoo
Marriage is a holy alliance and you should try to make the marriage
workable unless it is practically impossible to do so.You need the blessings of the great Surya Bhagawan,besides if
you can observe 9 Mondays of Upvas Vrat living on fruits and milk
from Sun rise to Sun set and recite specific Mantras prescribed by me.
Yes, it takes lot of effort and perseverance,and with blessings
of the Lord it is possible.Your sade sath starts from november.
Now the ball is in your court.Please be frank and let me know how you view the
whole thing.
You can write to me for free advise at
God bless.Now cheer up.Lets solve the problem than worry about it.
Om sri sai ram


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